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Risen Energy Reaffirms Australian Positive Quality

release date:2018.08.08 view count:0

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Risen Energy has once again passed the rigorous production examination undertaken by the Australian Solar Council, with the subsequent approval within the Positive Quality Program™.     

Positive Quality™ is a comprehensive due diligence program undertaken on PV panels at the point of manufacture before they are dispatched to the Australian market. For Australian consumers it is equivalent of the 'Heart Tick' for the solar industry, a simple but comprehensive way to see manufacturer's quality claims have been independently checked and verified. This diligent evaluation is revisited every quarter to ensure PV product reliability. Within the latest evaluation Risen Energy continues to demonstrate effective quality assurance systems throughout their processes, deploying detailed QC standards, leading to reliable high performance solar PV modules with quality built in.

A Risen Energy spokesperson confirmed, “Being part of the Australian Positive Quality Program is important for Risen’s customers as we seek to make it easier for our potential patrons to choose from the myriad of options available to them. With our local team, capable of supporting the unique direct requirements we can offer not only world class products, but assistance for clientele to realise the full value of solar in use.”