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Risen Energy and Electric Company Won “PV TOP 100”

release date:2018.08.14 view count:0

“PV TOP 100” ceremony was held in Shanghai on December 9, which was organized by Modern Photovoltaics, Solarpvsources and Energysources. Risen Energy Co., Ltd won “2015 China PV Annual Outstanding Service” and “PV TOP 100”. Risen (Ningbo) Electric Power Development Co., Ltd won “PV TOP 100”.

PV TOP 100 is aimed to honor the enterprises and people who make a significant contribution to China PV industry development. They have outstanding innovative products and technology and are recognized by the PV market. They will be made as the development trend of China PV industry and promote the innovation and sustainable development of China PV market.

The selection includes public voting and expert assessment, which improve the degree of openness and normalization. Risen Energy and Electric company winning “PV TOP 100” means the enterprises get the approval of the public and experts. Moreover, the images get improvement through the media reporting.